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starvingartists's Journal

Open Mic Night
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Welcome to Open Mic Night!

Think of this place as a dimly lit café on open mic night. You know the sort of place... a small not-quite-a-stage, cappuchinos, paintings by local artists on the walls that change monthly, and a game of chess tucked in the corner. The sort of place you met your English lit professor to discuss your paper. The sort of place with biscotti and a tip jar and music by the great jazz masters on a hand-me-down stereo.

Here you will find all manners of artwork - poetry, fiction, photography, digital art, collage, sculpture, and so on. If it's art, it is welcome. Promote your show, your book, scream with joy at getting published. Ask questions. Give answers. Share your art. This is a community as much about the artists as it is about the art.

The Rules
You knew there had to be a few, right?

  1. For what limited protection it may offer, please post a copyright notice. Open Mic Night and its moderator(s) are not responsible for stolen art.

  2. Original work only. I like Kerouac and O'Keefe, but this is about the artist that is you.

  3. Use lj-cut judiciously. Large images, lengthy posts, you get the idea. Use a cut tag. Please.

  4. Some art is bound to be controversial. Please do your best to be open-minded and supportive of art in all its forms. This doesn't mean "if you can't say something nice, don't say antyhing." On the contrary, please feel free to discuss the piece in question.

  5. On that note, try not to take criticism personally. The moderators are not particularly fond of flame wars.

  6. Management retains the right to delete any posts not following the rules outlined above, but doesn't expect to do so unless a flame war pops up.

Current Moderator
The lovely and gracious karmabreeze